Most of the work we do comes from recommendations, wether it be from past clients or fellow suppliers that we have worked well with over the years.  We feel it is important that videographers and photographers work well with each other on the day, not only does it help with the overall atmosphere, but also with both our end products. One such photographer who recommends us a lot, is Tanya Davies, her fantastic photography is featured throughout this site, if you click on one the images above it will take you to her own website

There are many ways of contacting us for your initial enquiry, the most popular being via email or facebook. You can also use the contact page on the menu above. 

We pride ourselves on a customer service and try to respond within 24 hours, if not sooner. We do not do pressure sales, we let our work do the talking and only contact you again if you wish to book. We work on a “first come first serves basis” which means we like to give you time to shop around and make a decision, we only follow up on your interest, if another person wants to book on the same date. 

Simply let us know the date and venue of your wedding; and we will get back to you about our availability and price. Our package price only varies a little depending the date (or day) you are getting married and if there is a lot travelling involved, which may warrant an overnight stay. 

Post Production

Every client is different, but  in most cases, couples are happy to book online, on the basis of viewing our sample videos and our reviews and recommendations on our facebook page

Of course we are more than happy to have a further chat over the phone or arrange to meet in person, whatever you both feel more comfortable with.

 If you decide to go ahead and book with us, we will require a small deposit to secure the date. We send you what we call a “confirmation form” which gives you a record of your booking and confirms the basic details of your big day; names, contact info, venue(s) time of service and what you will get from us. 

We make every production personal, so at this point we will also ask you to think about some music you both like to feature in the video-we ask you to confirm this in the Post Production Meeting

The post production meeting is usually arranged around 4 weeks prior to your wedding, when most of your arrangements are set. It allows us to meet in person (if we haven’t already) and go through the finer details of your big day.  The meeting usually takes about half an hour and we always try to fit it around you schedule.

Our Package

  • 2 Camera Edit:  When we say 2 Camera, we mean 2 Cameramen- this is important to our style and presentation of the finished production. The team consists of Dave & Jody (view the “about us” page) We have worked on weddings together for over 15 years. With different styles and techniques, we are able to create something special, when back in the editing studio. 
  • We usually turn up with 4 or 5 cameras, which are featured during different parts of the day. We always know where to be at the right time and as a 2 man team it means we can film in a relaxed and unobtrusive manner. 
  • It is also important to have 2 of us there when filming at the start of the day, when the happy couple are separated, during bridal preps and guests arriving- Dave will stay with the Bride and her entourage- Jody will concentrate on the Groom and all the guests arriving. It means when watching the finished edit, you both get to see events that you didn’t see on the day. 
  • Our coverage usually starts about an hour before the service, including footage of the bridal preps and groom & guests arriving at the place of ceremony
  • The service itself is filmed in real time and with natural Audio. Filmed with 2 cameras (when possible) giving the perspective of the Bride & Groom (at the front) and the guests (at the back)
  • Coverage of everything that happens after the service, photographs and candid footage. We also focus on every details that makes your big day unique, table settings, wedding cake, flowers… every important detail we see, we will capture.
  •  Like the Ceremony, the speeches are filmed in real time and with natural audio, one camera focusing on the “speaker” and one on the guests reaction. It gives the video an almost documentary feel.
  • The coverage then continues right up to the First dance and usually a few dances after.
  • The finished edit will include your highlights scene. We will send you the video via private link for you to store and watch on your phone, tablet PC to share with friends and family members on the go..
  • You will also get a USB which has a HD version of your full  edited video(s), which is usually around 2 hours +, depending on your day. We edit the video, to your choice of music, on all footage, except during the Wedding Ceremony, the Speeches and the Evening Party. 
  • We can also include 3x DVD of your highlights video to give out as gifts, particularly useful to older members of the family who may not be up to date with technology. 
  • Full versions of your videos, can be made to DVD, on request.  
  • Every video we create is fully backed up and stored indefinitely.