You're In Control

We have had many corporate clients over the years and one thing we have learned is, most businesses, ultimately want full control over the end production, which we are only too happy to oblige.

Wether it be from the full concept and scripting, or just videography & editing services, we can give you what we need.

As a small video production company, we can offer you 100% dedication and that personal touch that bigger production might not provide.  We have built up a great team of freelance workers over the years, such a voice over talent, videographers, lighting and sound engineers, script writers and more.

The pricing depends on what you want from us, but we guarantee that we do not “sign off” the job until everyone is happy. We say this because we understand that for big companies, there may be input needed from different levels/members of staff- so we are quite happy to edit to your specifications and then make alterations later on, if needed. We consider all of this during our initial quote.

Why make a corporate Video?

Creating videos is a great alternative to writing content, for your website or social media pages.

Internet search engines favour video, which means whenever someone “Googles” a company or service, that include video (especially on servers like Youtube) they will automatically have an advantage…

Think about it! Whenever you Google search for anything, you see a few “recommended” websites, who’ve paid to be up there- and then a whole bunch of videos related to the subject, who haven’t actually paid a monthly fee to be higher in the search, it’s just how these search engines work.

It means means you can advertise your company in the way you want, without paying regularly to get it noticed. Just market it to your target audience, through social media… and the more it gets seen, the more chance it  has of reaching a broader audience.

Types of Videos we have produced

  • Advertising 
  • Promotional
  • Health & Safety
  • Recruitment
  • Live Event Filming  
  • Council & Educational

Companies we have worked with

  • Unilever
  • British Army
  • Honeywell
  • Liverpool FC
  • Cheshire/Wirral Borough Coucil
  • Marks & Spencer 

Just a few Corporate Video we have produced in the past

-Please note: Some of our earlier productions, were uploaded when youtube was in its infancy and are low resolution-